12 Effective On Page Seo Tricks To Boost Ranking


12 Effective On Page Seo Tricks To Boost Ranking

So you are new to the world of blogs and want to do it perfect on the SEO page. Everyone knows about Google’s SEO algorithms. How they want to take care of visitors from all over the world. So they applied strict policies for webmasters. And many webmasters are wrong, as why our pages do not appear quickly in the results of the Google search engine. So I thought I should write a detailed article on “page optimization for beginners” to help.


1. Then, what am I going to share today? 2. After knowing these points, what will happen? Will your site be the first in search results?

Answer: So, simply, the answer to all the above questions is that: Exactly, I will tell you the main factors of SEO ranking. And surely after knowing and implementing these tricks, you will get good results in online SEO (search engine optimization). And before continuing, one thing is important to know, am I an SEO teacher? ans = no I am not a teacher, but I am learning SEO since 2012 and I learned a lot from the experiments. Some of my points are controversial and others are proven, so let’s get started.

How to do on the Seo page:

1. How to select the optimized domain of the search engine?

This is the first step to enter the world online and get your place on the Internet. I saw many YouTube videos and read many blog sites where the age of the domain is the most important, or keywords of the domain, blah, blah. But in the age of the real domain or the keywords of the domain do not matter much according to the explanation of Matt Cuts then in the domain era and explained that Google determines it.

But I do not say if the subject of your website is health tips and you should choose sports.com or any TLD domain. The relevance between the content of your site and the name of the site is also necessary to obtain better results. And it will also help your visitors and search engines to understand the subject of your site easily. And you can also get a higher position in your visitor’s mind for health sites, I mean a permanent visitor. But it has also been seen that the domain registered for a long time with unique content obtains good results than the domain registered for a short period of time. I hope you have a good idea of ​​the domain choice.

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2. Write Seo Friendly in the content of the page:

In the content, the title tag is very important because it gives search engines and visitors the feeling that the content is really about. It has been shown that the consistency of the subject keyword in the title tag is better than the irrelevant one. So always try to include your main keyword in the title tag.
For best results, put the keyword of your topic in the description. Do not spam, as it can damage your ranking, I mean only 5 to 7 times in 1000 words. But do not repeat the same keyword 5 to 7 times, search the google keyword planner and place related keywords in the content. It is not an important classification factor in 2018 as it was, but it can change the ideas of indexers and trackers and can help you understand your articles. And they will classify their keywords that are repeated above all.

Headings – H1, H2, H3 Tags:

These are also important as the main title tag. They can also help bots in Google search engines understand their content data. So do not forget to put your keyword on the H1, H2 and H3 tags. It is not essential to put it, but you have a good sense about your article.

Words by SEO content and keyword density:

More words than it has in its content, plus the possibilities of searching for keywords. So always try to make your content long. But remember that you should not put words off topic instead of writing about your own content instead of putting irrelevant words. How you can increase your bounce rate, and your site can be degraded in the search results.
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L.S.I (Latent Semantic Indication):

Recently Google introduced a feature in the indexing system. According to this feature, now Google bots will understand your data by the meaning of your words written in the content. For example, if you are publishing in the specifications of Apple Computer and you have included a Banana in that publication. Now, this fruit will have the feeling that it is trying to tell something about Apple computers or the mobile phone company. So remember to include relevant words when writing your post.

Content loading time:

Important and in accordance with my conclusions and also mentioned by Google and others such as Yahoo and Bing, that the loading time of your website is one of the effective factors of SEO. Since they can determine the loading speed of their pages from the HTML data in their publication, testing them in Google Insights.

Content of copyright:

Mainly I heard people say that their website does not have visitors from the search engines and spent the years, as long as they have backlinks, etc. And when I checked your site and used plagiarism to verify the duplication of your content. I saw that their data was totally copied or that it had been improved or modified little. This is the reason why your site does not appear in Google and Bing search results because it is penalized. So always write your own content instead of copying others. This is also an essential point that you should know about in the help of search engine optimization.

Tips to optimize images:

The images also give a good signal on their subject. Provide the correct name of the image, the Alt tags, the description of the image and the place of the legend according to the theme of the content. Because sometimes your optimized images are displayed in Google image search results, be careful with the SEO image.

Content update time:

The crawlers continue to check their content on a daily basis and check if any information is updated or not. If you update your content regularly like once in 6 months, either with small changes. It will make more important in the results and ranking of the Google SEO website. So always stay updated, because your last updated date will be displayed in the search results.
Incoming and incoming links:

According to many SEO experts, outbound links are also important, as they indicate a good signal. Therefore, keep the main sites that do not follow the links in their content, but limit them because many links can also harm your SEO on the page.
If the crawlers have not crawled your website, and you have used that web page link on your other page. Then the crawler can also index your page of your other articles. Therefore, continue to use the incoming pages that link to your own site. If you are looking to follow the backlinks, check the list of these social bookmarking sites.

WordPress Tags – Tags in Blogger:

Labels or labels are not as important as they were a few years ago, but they show a signal of relevance to robots or crawlers. So add relevant words according to your content, what you think the user can search on their own blog or website.
Because they help their visitors to search for the desired topic on the website. In the case of WordPress, search engines like Google can index their tags with their permission, but in the case of blogger, search engines like Google do not index their tags.

Friendly URL for SEO:

The URL of the website is the second most important thing after the title, which can increase your ranking. So always put your main keyword in the URL. In WordPress SEO when you write a title, WordPress uses this title as the URL of your page. But you can change it and do better with the new version. Remember while selecting, that your main keyword should be included at the beginning, during or at the end should.

Sitemap for search engines:

Another important thing for Google and other search engines is called sitemap. In WordPress there are many add-ons that you can use to create your site (google sitemaps, Yoast SEO, all in a WordPress SEO). And in blogger, you can link this sitemap so that blogger creates the sitemap of your blog and use it in google webmaster tools.
Basically, a site map is a place where all the URLs of all pages on the site are delimited. Therefore, when you submit it to the webmaster tools of Google, search engines can easily collect all the data from your site following your sitemaps. Therefore, it is necessary to create a site map and send it to webmaster tools.
I hope, guys, now you have a good idea after reading these 12 tips for google on the SEO page ranking factors. We will continue updating this article after every 6 months according to the new updates introduced. So keep visiting our site and do not forget to receive Like and share this post and subscribe to our notifications to get the latest articles updated. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments, we will respond to each of your comments. Thank you.


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