DNS Server Unavailable Windows 10 \ 8 \ 7 | How to Fix DNS Server might be Unavailable on Windows


DNS Server Unavailable Windows 10 \ 8 \ 7 | How to Fix DNS Server might be Unavailable on Windows

Domain Name System (DNS), where all domain names are stored for sites you’ve visited. In the search for a domain name into a Web browser, it is forwarded by the router to the DNS server. If a domain name of a particular site was registered and returns the corresponding IP address. This makes the charging process for listing web sites faster.

As great as this process is not unusual for a DNS server you can not establish a connection time to time. Trying to troubleshoot your Internet browser in this case can often result in “DNS server not responding” error.

Error Code: DNS Server unavailable windows 10, Please Try Again

Many factors could cause some error appears on the screen. The most important of these is the possibility that the server itself is currently experiencing an outage. Fortunately, this problem usually accompanied by easy solutions.

How to fix the error “DNS server not available” or DNS Server Unavailable Windows 10
Did you receive an error that the DNS server is unavailable? For a quick fix, sometimes this problem can be solved with something as simple as changing the browser, play with some adjustments to the firewall or restart the router. It will be up to you to know the cause s and subsequent correction for the problem.

You start by using a different browser to a Web page opens. This means that if you are currently getting an error on the use Mozilla Firefox browser, switch to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. If the problem persists, we can continue testing other devices.

Try to open a Web page using a mobile device on the same network, to ensure that the problem is not the result of a hardware failure. It would also be interesting to try to connect to the web the same page using your data plan to identify whether the cause is, in fact, the DNS server.

Once you have exhausted these steps, restart the router. If the error “DNS server not available” is still there, we had to have the most effective methods.


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