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90+ High DA-PA Free Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List

Are you looking for social bookmarking sites with high DA domain authority and PA page authority in 2017 and next 2018? Then you are in the right place, here we have the more than 90 well-classified and trusted websites for follow-up backlinks. Remember that some of them will also give you backlinks without tracking. Now we analyze what the backlinks of social bookmarking sites really do and what their benefits are. Actually, the links you share anywhere on the online websites are signals to the search engines on the pages of your website.

On bookmarking sites, you can send your URL freely and share anywhere you want. This way, you will get a free backlink to increase your website or the ranking of pages in search engines like Google.

But keep in mind when you submit your site, that you are sharing the niche related to yours. Because if you send the related ones, you will most likely get the highest rating. The authority of your domain is important mainly in the ranking of your website, and you can increase it by creating high-quality backlinks. Backlinks can be created by commenting on other blogs, chat forums, sending links to high pr social bookmarking sites, etc.

If you send unique, meaningful, profitable and good content on these sites, readers can also share their content. And in this way, you can get traffic on your pages. So always try to send content full of meaning and appeal. Mainly I heard from many friends how to increase the Alexa ranking, so keep sharing your site and you will get a higher ranking in Alexa.

Here we also share the best high quality tracking backlinks to increase your online presence at the top. If you are the complete beginner in the SEO field and want to increase the ranking of your blog, we suggest you read the important factors on the SEO page. Now let’s move on to our topic today, which is high authority domain marker sites.

Make-Follow social bookmarking sites:
Submitting your site is very easy, you only need to register in some of them. Some of them will give the direct option to send without registering. This list is verified and updated at the end of 2017. And we will continue to update it as new sites become available and for inactive sites.

How to get bookmark backlinks:
It is very important to know, for beginners, before submitting your site, how to mark a website in others. Many webmasters send their url to more than 1 profile on the same bookmarking site. As for rapidly increasing your ranking, which is very bad. Search engines such as Google, Bing consider it as spam, so it is most likely that you can get the fine. So always create a complete profile with an image, all the details about you and then the URL of your website.

I’m going to show you an example of a single website, how you will send it to everyone else. The method will be the same for all others.

Go to the URL of white links and click on Register to obtain an account. Then, you will be asked to enter the details, since all social sites ask you if you do not have an account, so you must register. As shown in the following screenshot.

white links image

Click the create or register button anywhere you see and enter your details to create a high quality backlink. After entering all the details, click on create button an account. You will then be asked to confirm your email, so go to the email account and click on the email link. We suggest that you use a different email account than the personal one because, after registering on social sites. You will receive many more of emails about promotions, guidelines, etc. After logging in, you will see a button like adding a link or sending it or entering it, as shown in the screenshot below.

white link image 2

I have added my ASW ZONE by Arshad Aslam, Sajid Ali and Wajid Ali url. You can see the page after adding your own URL.

white link image 3

Now you are thinking that I have only acted for a website, which was very easy and maybe not for others. But infect No, I’ll post all social tracking bookmarking sites that have the same way of sending links. Then, do not worry, open below some sites and send, you can download the complete list by clicking on the download button below.

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High DA Do-Follow Social Bookmarking sites Backlink 2018:
Note: Copy websites and paste them into a new tab and submit your site. We update the entire list after every 15 days, so here you will get the latest list of social shipping sites in operation.


Domain Authorities:  35  33  32  25  47 44  46  38  35 27 100 100 100 100 99 98 99 78 90 70

Some Google algorithm well ranked having high domain sites and  high page authority sites we have listed above, but you can download complete list of social back linking sites below.

Download New social book marking Full sites list.

link coming soon…..

All the sites in the list will be updated as new or old ones. So keep checking this list once a week to get an updated one.

If you are new and want to start creating blogs and create a blog, obviously you must choose a perfect domain name. In the complete solution, the complete guide on blogs and the beginning of the blog is present in easy-to-understand expressions.


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