Salient Eye, Home Security Camera & Burglar Alarm – Free Download



Salient Eye, Home Security Camera & Burglar Alarm

Salient Eye, Motion Detector Home Security AlarmTools

Salient Eye, Motion Detector Home Security AlarmTools

Your Android device is 3 clicks away from becoming a home security alarm system!

Peace of mind is as close as your spare/old phone or tablet. The Salient Eye app turns your spare device into a surveillance camera that can be placed in your home, office, dorm, hotel room… anywhere you want to monitor movement.

+ Secure your rental without a hardwired system.
+ Add security to your dorm room.
+ Get immediate notification and photographic evidence if someone Steals your stuff.
+ Find out if your roommate respects your privacy.
+ Know when your kids come home from school.
+ Find out who has been snooping in your office space.
+ Know when deliveries arrive at your door.

Here’s what your Salient Eye Home Security System will do for free:
★ Sense motion in front of the phone’s camera
★ Take photos
★ Send alerts through e-mail or push notification
★ Upload the photos online for backup and remote viewing
★ Sound an optional alarm

Starting the app is quick and secure. Simply install the basic Salient Eye Home Security Alarm on a smartphone or tablet, and choose the alerts you wish to get.

Salient Eye is a mature app and service, tested and has many satisfied users.
Salient Eye was selected by CNET as “The best free home security app of 2017”.

If you want to receive the push notifications or to control your Salient Eye Security Camera (paid feature), check out our Salient Eye Remote Control app.

If you – like thousands of others – find our app useful, please consider rating us 5 stars and share with your friends.

If there is any way we can improve the app or service or if there is anything we can help you with… please contact us at:

Storage – for saving the pictures
Internet Network and Wi-Fi – service connection, uploading images and sending emails
Camera/Hardware – using the camera to detect motion and take pictures
Photos/Media files – for saving motion images
Battery stats – for notifying on low battery (optional)
Identity and Device ID – for creating unique id and for troubleshooting. We do not have access to any account nor contact details.
System tools – keep running and using the camera and the Internet when the screen is locked
Modify system settings – for screen locking and keep running and using the camera and the internet when the screen is locked.
Run at startup – for recovering when device resets, required especially for premium features like scheduler and remote control.

 Salient Eye, Home Security Camera & Burglar Alarm






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