Top 10 Android Hacking Apps Without Root – 2020


Top 10 Android Hacking Apps Without Root

1. APK Editor

APK Editor is an app that allows you to edit anything android app or game. You can change audio, graphics,.Top 10 hack android apps and games to get in app purchases for free.

Download APK Editor here


2. Mobile Faker

Mobile Faker allows you to fake your android device. So you essentially can make it appear that you have an LG device when you actually have a Samsung device. This will change your model number and is more of a novelty app.

Download Mobile Faker here

3. Night Screen

Night Screen is a simple toggle that allows you dim your brightness to the lowest level possible. This will lead to less eye strain and an overall better experience.

Download Night Screen here

4. AC Market

AC Market is a must have android app for hacks and mods because of the selection. There is a solid selection of apps you’ve heard of and apps you haven’t. Also all the mods work very well. In the video above, I tried using Subway Surfers and it worked. You could see that I had unlimited coins. In addition, you can also get paid android apps and games for free. Lastly, you can also use this app as a play store alternative.

Download ACMarket from here

5. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an app that lets you hack any android app or game. It gives you the option of getting free in app purchases, removing licenses,  ad removal, and much more!

Download here


6. DU Screen Recorder

DU Screen Recorder is an app that allows you to record your screen. The app has a bunch of features which includes Video Resolution, Video Frame Rate and much more.

Download DU Screen Recorder here

7. Encrypt Decrypt

Encrypt Decrypt app allows you to encrypt messages using a crypto key. By encrypting a message it will scramble all the words up and then you can use the app to decrypt it.

Download Encrypt Decrypt here

8. No Root Firewall

No Root Firewall allows you to block certain apps from using 3G or wifi. The overall app has simple user interface and all you have to do is hit start.

Download No Root Firewall here

9. SMS Bomber

SMS Bomber is an app that allows you to send multiple text messages at one time. For example, you can send 500 text messages all with a tap of a button. You can also choose to delay the text messages or to have no delay on them. There is no limit to the number of text messages you want to send.

Download SMS Bomber here


10. AndroDumpper

Andro Dumpper is an app that allows you to hack WiFi password on any android. This app will work as long as you try the right WiFi router, and you’re close to that WiFi network.

Download AndroDummper here


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