What is WEBSITE SEO in 2018?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2018 is a technical, analytical and a which process to improve the visibility of a your website in search engines of GOOGLE, YAHOO and BING. The main function of SEO is to direct more unpaid useful traffic to a site that becomes sales.

The free SEO tips you will read on this page will help you create yourself a successful SEO website.

We give you the following lectures step by step and tell you how you can make WEBSITE SEO EXPERT.

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Table Of Contents

  1.  What is WEBSITE SEO in 2018? (COMING SOON)
  2.  TL-DR –  What Really Matters if you do WEBSITE SEO in 2018? (COMING SOON)
  3.  What Are The Best WEBSITE SEO Tools for SEO in 2018? (COMING SOON)
  4.  An Introduction to WEBSITE SEO (COMING SOON)
  5.  Google Rankings Always Change (COMING SOON)
  6.  ‘User Experience’ Does Matter (COMING SOON)
  7.  TAKE NOTE: Google is Moving To A ‘Mobile First‘ Index in 2018 (COMING SOON)
  8.  NOTE: Google has a ‘Page-Heavy’ Penalty Algorithm (COMING SOON)
  9.  NOTE: Google has an ‘Interstitial and Pop-Up‘ Penalty Algorithm (COMING SOON)
  10.  What is the PURPOSE of your page? (COMING SOON)
  11.  Ranking could be based on a ‘duration metric’ (COMING SOON)
  12.  Rankings could be based on a ‘duration performance score‘ (COMING SOON)
  13.  What Makes A Page Spam? (COMING SOON)
  14.  If A Page Exists Only To Make Money, The Page Is Spam, to Google (COMING SOON)
  15.  Doorway Pages (COMING SOON)
  16.  What Does Google Classify As Doorway Pages? (COMING SOON)
  17.  What Is E.A.T.? (COMING SOON)
  18.  Main Content (MC) of a Page (COMING SOON)
  19.  Supplementary Content (SC) on a Page (COMING SOON)
  20.  The Importance of Unique Content For Your Website (COMING SOON)
  21.  Balancing Conversions With Usability & User Satisfaction (COMING SOON)
  22.  NOTE: User Experience Across Multiple Devices & Screen Resolutions (COMING SOON)
  23.  NOTE: Which type of Adverts Annoys Users? (COMING SOON)
  24.  How To Fix Issues Found In the Google Ad Experience Report (COMING SOON)
  25.  What Does Google Mean By “Low-Quality“? (COMING SOON)
  26.  Google Is Not Going To Rank Low-Quality Pages When It Has Better Options (COMING SOON)
  27.  Quality Raters Do Not Directly Impact YOUR site (COMING SOON)
  28.  Quality Bar – Always Rising – Always Relative? (COMING SOON)
  29.  Ratings Can Be Relative (COMING SOON)
  30.  Can Thin Content Still Rank In Google? (COMING SOON)
  31.  What Are The High-Quality Characteristics of a Web Page? (COMING SOON)
  32.  What Characteristics Do The Highest Quality Pages Exhibit? (COMING SOON)
  33.  What Are The Low-Quality Signals Google Looks For? (COMING SOON)
  34.  Pages Can Be Rated ‘Medium Quality’ (COMING SOON)
  35.  Google Quality Algorithm Updates (COMING SOON)
  36.  What Is Google Panda? (COMING SOON)
  37.  Identifying Which Pages On Your Own Site Hurt Or Help Your Rankings (COMING SOON)
  38.  Specific Advice From Google on Pruning Content From Your Site (COMING SOON)
  39.  Specific Advice From Google On Low-Quality Content On Your Site (COMING SOON)
  40.  Investigating A Traffic Drop (COMING SOON)
  41.  Technical SEO (COMING SOON)
  42.  Example ‘High Quality’ E-commerce Site (COMING SOON)
  43.  What Are YMYL Pages? (COMING SOON)
  44.  What Is “Domain Authority“? (COMING SOON)
  45.  Is Domain Age An Important Google Ranking Factor? (COMING SOON)
  46.  Google Penalties For Unnatural Footprints (COMING SOON)
  47.  Ranking Factors (COMING SOON)
  48.  Keyword Research (COMING SOON)
  49.  Do Keywords In Bold Or Italic Help? (COMING SOON)
  50.  How Many Words & Keywords Do I Use On A Page? (COMING SOON)
  51.  What is The Perfect Keyword Density? (COMING SOON)
  52.  Keyword Stuffing (COMING SOON)
  53.  Focus On The User (COMING SOON)
  54.  Optimise For User Intent & Satisfaction (COMING SOON)
  55.  Focus on ‘Things’, Not ‘Strings’ (COMING SOON)
  56.  Can I Just Write Naturally and Rank High in Google? (COMING SOON)
  57.  Do You Need Lots of Text To Rank Pages In Google? (COMING SOON)
  58.  Optimising For ‘The Long Click’ (COMING SOON)
  59.  User Generated Content & Forum SEO Advice (COMING SOON)
  60.  Page Title Element (COMING SOON)
  61.  Meta Keywords Tag (COMING SOON)
  62.  Meta Description Tag (COMING SOON)
  63.  Robots Meta Tag (COMING SOON)
  64.  Robots.txt File (COMING SOON)
  65.  H1-H6: Page Headings (COMING SOON)
  66.  Alt Tags & ALT Text (COMING SOON)
  67.  Link Title Attributes, Acronym & ABBR Tags (COMING SOON)
  68.  Keywords In URLs Make Search Engine Friendly URLs (COMING SOON)
  69.  Absolute Or Relative URLs (COMING SOON)
  70.  How long is too long for a URL? (COMING SOON)
  71.  Subdirectories or Files For URL Structure (COMING SOON)
  72.  How Google Treats Subdomains: “We… treat that more as a single website” (COMING SOON)
  73.  Should I Choose a Subfolder or Subdomain? (COMING SOON)
  74.  Which Is Better For Google? PHP, HTML or ASP? (COMING SOON)
  75.  Fetch As Google (COMING SOON)
  76.  Check How Google Views Your Desktop Site (COMING SOON)
  77.  Check How Google Views Your Smartphone Site (COMING SOON)
  78.  Check How Your Site Renders On Other Browsers (COMING SOON)
  79.  Is Valid HTML & CSS A Ranking Factor? (COMING SOON)
  80.  Point Internal Links To Relevant Pages (COMING SOON)
  81.  Link Out To Related Sites (COMING SOON)
  82.  Broken Links Are A Waste Of Link Power (COMING SOON)
  83.  Does Only The First Link Count In Google? (COMING SOON)
  84.  Duplicate Content (COMING SOON)
  85.  Duplicate Content SEO Best Practice (COMING SOON)
  86.  Double or Indented Listings in Google (COMING SOON)
  87.  Create Useful 404 Pages (COMING SOON)
  88.  301 Redirects Are POWERFUL & WHITE HAT (COMING SOON)
  89.  NOTE: Some Redirects May Be Treated As Soft 404 Errors (COMING SOON)
  90.  You MUST Redirect To Equivalent Content in 2018 (COMING SOON)
  91.  How To Use 301 Redirects Properly To Preserve Rankings in Google in 2018 (COMING SOON)
  92.  Redirect Non-WWW To WWW (or Vice Versa) (COMING SOON)
  93.  The Canonical Link Element Is VERY IMPORTANT (COMING SOON)
  94.  Do I Need A Google XML Sitemap For My Website? (COMING SOON)
  95.  Enough Satisfying Website Information for the Purpose of the Website (COMING SOON)
  96.  Dynamic PHP Copyright Notice in WordPress (COMING SOON)
  97.  Rich Snippets (COMING SOON)
  98.  Adding Markup to Your Footer (COMING SOON)
  99.  Keep It Simple, Stupid (COMING SOON)
  100.  How Fast Should Your Web Page Load? (COMING SOON)
  101.  A Non-Technical Google SEO Strategy (COMING SOON)
  102.  Does Google Promote A Site Or Demote Others In Rankings? (COMING SOON)
  103.  What You Should Avoid When Practicing Website Search Engine Optimization (COMING SOON)
  104.  Don’t Flag Your Site With Poor Website Optimization (COMING SOON)
  105.  The Continual Evolution of SEO (COMING SOON)
  106.  How Does Google Search work? (COMING SOON)
  107.  Beware Pseudoscience In The SEO Industry (COMING SOON)
  108.  How Long Does It Take To See Results from SEO? (COMING SOON)
  109.  A Real Google Friendly Website (COMING SOON)
  110.  Google Webmaster Guidelines (COMING SOON)
  111.  Free SEO EBOOK (2018) PDF (COMING SOON)
  112.  Disclaimer (COMING SOON)